Welcome to the Grandparent Family Day & Resource Fair

We are a group of city leaders and organizations that have formed an alliance to provide a day that recognizes, honors and celebrates our elders, because with out them we are not who we are.

As a non-profit resource organization that is a community-based group, we focus on providing support, resources, and advocacy for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren or are just living life as a retired and or working individual that may need help.

Our alliance of organizations recognize the unique challenges that grandparents and elder individuals face especially those who are care givers to there grantchildren.. These challenges include financial, legal, health and emotional difficulties. We work to provide resources and support to address these challenges.

Our organizations provide a range of services, such as support groups, legal assistance, financial aid, healthcare, and counseling services. 

We also offer educational resources and training to help improve parenting skills and navigate the complexities of raising children in today's society and employment resources to help with job training and retention. 

Working together to raise awareness about the issues of grandparent caregiving and elder life, we advocate for policies that support grandparent-headed households and parenrenting in general. We engage in public education campaigns, lobby for legislative change, and collaborate with our political leaders and organizations to advance the needs of grandparent, and parent caregivers.

Overall again, we and our partnered organizations serve as an important resource for whoever is raising children, we provide the support and resources needed to ensure the well-being and success of families that use our services.